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          Hangzhou Hangyang casting Co., Ltd is a subsidiary of Hangzhou Oxygen plant Group CO., Ltd, A key state-owned enterprise and the largest air-separation equipment manufacturer of china. We are a specialized manufacturer of casting products.
          New production base will Located in Hang zhou Lin an economic development zone. We have 230 employees in our company, among whom 18 are engineers and technicians. Our company possesses
    many kinds of big updated equipments, such as 5T/h, 10T/h, 15T/h, 20T/h no-bake resin sand mixer and their whole set equipments, and 7T/h, 10T/h cupolas, 3T and 10T furnace, 30T traveling crane, Q7630 shot blasting cleaner etc. Covering a property of more than 27000 square meters, our annually casting output is up to 20000 tons, the maximum gray cast iron casting unit weighs 40 tons, and the maximum ductile iron casting unit weighs 20 tons.
           Now our main producing, processes are self-curing sand molding, metal casting, low pressure casting, centrifugal casting and so on. We can produce all kinds of gray cast iron, ductile iron, nonferrous cast alloy, cast steel alloy cast iron, some of which have been exported to USA, Japan and Europe countries.
           With a long history in art casting behind us, our products are with excellent quality and well known both in domestic and abroad. The products range covers from copper bell, sculpture, portrait, figures of Bell in purified Temple (10ton). 500 arhats at soul’s Retreat Temple. The works have won great reputations and praises from our customers and are regarded as Magic work.
           Our company have a strong technical force, such as the up-to-date computer simulation solidification process system. The quality system is controlled strictly, and it has passed the ISO9001-2008 Quality system certificate. We possess strong measurement inspection center with advanced inspection equipments, such as these main equipments Spectro spectrometer, Japanese Atom Absorbing spectrophotometer, omnipotence tester controlled by computer, ultrasonic analyzer, infrared inspection sulfur analyzer, and ultraviolet radiation spectrophotometer and so on. This center has won national certificate from the inspection laboratory of metal material on importing and exporting since 1989.
           Putting “Quality Top, service Best” as our aim. We are striving to build up our future and glory together with global customers.
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